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Who can we find for you?

Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

                                                   – Theodore Roosevelt

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CATI, CAPI, and CAWI Interviewing

Depending on the type of research you are conducting there are many advantages to each data collection method.  

The interviewer asks questions by telephone and records answers on a computer.

CATI Advantages


No Geographic constraints

The interviewer uses his laptop screen to read the questions to pose and inputs the responses.

CAPI Advantages

All Types of Questions Can be Used

Materials Can be Shown

The CAWI questionnaire appears in the browser as a web-page that respondents can reach in different ways.

CAWI Advantages

Better access to certain targets

Real time data follow-up


Who Can We Find For You?

Barnes Research is committed to being YOUR field service. We gather the most ON target data to make sure you get your quality results. We pride ourselves on dedication to help you reach your timeline. Meeting your goals is at the top of our list.

With our accurate sampling, quality end results, and timely delivery methods, your goals will always be met. We can get the jobs done that nobody else can. All of our clients agree that we are the place to go when you want that hard to find person. So we aren't kidding when we say...

Who can we find for you?

Contact us today to find out who Barnes Research, Inc. can find for you.  If you need a bid for a project, or would like more information about us or our service, please contact us today!

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Old Fashioned Values, Heart of the Midwest

Our location in Grand Rapids is perfect for virtually any of your marketing research needs. The main office is less than 15 miles from all of Grand Rapids' major shopping malls and we have the benefit of being close to over 10 college campuses.

We are located 10 miles from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Focus group facilities are located on the Western Michigan University campus.

Our mall is located in a high traffic, ethnicly diverse, convenient location.

Our field staff, stationed in several Michigan cities including: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Muskegon, Holland, Flint, and Traverse City are able to handle any of your project needs.